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Media: Evil Geniuses to create 15-man roster

That’s also a way to climb the NA ladder.

According to and Jaxon, Evil Geniuses are in the process of expanding their CS:GO division significantly, exploring the idea of a 15-man roster.

The North American heavy hitter is allegedly in talks with Carpe Diem to sign their young roster, says in a report. Additionally, Jaxon has reported that EG also is interesting in acquiring Party Astronauts.

If both acquisitions go through, Evil Geniuses will field the following players:

Current EG roster:

RUSH - autimatic - Stewie2K - CeRq - Brehze

Carpe Diem roster:

Walco - wiz - chop - HexT - CLASIA

Party Astronauts roster:

djay - Jonji - PwnAlone - viz - ben1337

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