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Best ingame setting for CS2

Best ingame setting for CS2


Counter-Strike 2 officially released!

Happy CS2 day! Here are all the new things in Counter-Strike 2.

s1mple has spent 23,476 hours on CS:GO

How many hours have you spent on the game?

CS:GO news around the clock

Yes, that’s right. is your new CS:GO news site. Therefore, if you are a dedicated CS:GO fan, you are guaranteed to find this newly born news site interesting. Because as crazy as it may sound, Counter-Strike Global offensive has not had a dedicated news site since its launch in 2012 – and that is even despite the great popularity, the game has received throughout the years. That is a great tragedy for every CS:GO fan around the world, but do not worry anymore – has got your back. is the new home of all the latest CS:GO News is namely the new home of all the latest CS:GO news, and therefore also your new go-to news site. So if that sounds like a news site for you, you should go and visit right away. On you can get all the latest news, live scores, videos and statistics of all the important matches. We give Counter Strike the attention that the game deserves with stories of the CS:GO stars and some of the best, surprising and most funny videos. You only need to visit to get all the info you need.

200 million CS:GO fans around the world

Counter Strike has defied all predictions and has been present for many years now. Against all odds there has never been more action both on and outside the server. Coaching-bugs, Stream-sniping, and match fixing allegations has set focus on the CS:GO scene on the way to a new era. Despite all predictions Counter Strike is still one of the most popular games to watch. On Twitch in November over 13 million hours was spent watching Counter Strike! CS:GO is the second most popular sport as to viewers on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Gaming. The interest in Counter Strike and CS:GO News is massive with almost 200 million fans/followers. 80 million are considered ‘enthusiasts’ and 120 million as ‘occationals’.

Counter Strike GO news on 24/7

Even if Counter Strike is new to you, is the place for you. It is the perfect place for any fan of Counter-Strike. At you can read all the legendary stories and of course we offer explanations and relevant information on the way, so that everyone can follow our world of Counter-Strike. We set spotlight on e-sports news daily with more than 20 articles. CS:GO did not get the attention that it deserves but our news site definitely gives a bunch of it!

Let´s Pley!

Founded in October 2020 in Denmark, is a young news site with a young mindset. Our aim is to deliver the best content for EVERY CS:GO fan out there. Yes, we are from Denmark in Scandinavia and Danish teams like Astralis, Heroic, Mad Lion and North are doing well. Some might even say that the Scandinavians are the best teams in Counter-Strike. It might give us better access to news from the Danish teams but our aim is to cover Counter Strike news from all over the world. If it is interesting you can read about it on We want to tell the stories of the biggest stars on the scene, deliver all the latest news and most importantly, focus on what makes the game, what it is. Fun. Let´s Pley!