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Major winner now officially a free agent

The American Rifler is open for future CS:GO and CS2 endeavors

When you think of a former major winner, I bet the first name that springs to your mind is not William "RUSH" Wierzba. Nonetheless, "RUSH" did in fact win a major back in 2018 with the charismatic and loveable Cloud9 roster in Boston, America.

Since peaking with Cloud9 back in 2018, the 29-year-old rifler has had a tumultuous time within the professional CS:GO scene, never really finding his stride. Now the Amercian is officially back to being a free agent, as Evil Geniuses release the previous major winner from their ranks.

The American seems unready to bid farewell to the beautiful game of Counter-Strike and states that he is ready for future endeavors, whether it be in CS:GO or CS2. What the future holds for the talented rifler no one knows, however, the release of the previous major winner "RUSH" gives us another opportunity to reminisce on the fantastic 2018 major.

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