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RUSH: It is unacceptable the way we are playing

The Evil Geniuses player did not hold back in his analysis of EG's latest performance.

Fans of Evil Geniuses have not had an easy time lately. June 2021 was the last time that a roster from Evil Geniuses was able to beat a top 20 team in the world.

Since then EG has fallen down the rankings and is no longer even playing teams from the upper echelon of CS:GO. All of this with a roster containing three Major-winners and a bucket of experience from the highest levels of CS:GO.

Last night the NA team was knocked out of the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown in the opening round against GODSENT. After the match William "RUSH" Wierzba commented on the situation.

- It is unacceptable the way we are playing. And the result we are getting and not getting to the Major is no doubt bad. So we have to really sit down as a team and organization and talk to each other and see what makes the most sense going forward. Whether it be continuing with this roster or changing something. But something needs to change for sure.

For the former Complexity player, the current downfall of EG hurts extra much. After having missed the PGL Major in Stockholm with Complexity, William "RUSH" Wierzba had targeted the upcoming Major in Antwerp as a big goal in 2022.

- It hurt not making it to the major. I really put everything into that, so that hurt a lot and is probably one of the worst losses in my career.

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