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Evil Geniuses drop out of Top 30

26.3% win rate during the past three months.

Evil Geniuses, one of the biggest Esports organizations in the world, has recently dropped out of the top 30 on the HLTV World Ranking list. The North American roster is currently to be found as the number 31 after poor results in both ESL Pro League S17 and Paris Major 2023 North America. The team has struggled to find its form in recent months with multiple losses in both competitions.

During the Paris Major 2023 North America Evil Geniuses failed to qualify after losing 2-0 to TeamOne in the 7th place decider. The winner qualifies for Paris Major 2023 Americas RMR, the losing team is eliminated. In the following event, ESL Pro League Season 17, Evil Geniuses played Eternal Fire, Cloud9, and IHC. This time around was nothing else as the North American team lost all three matches.

These poor results have had an impact on the recent rankings where Evil Geniuses were to be found outside the top 30. This is a significant blow for the big organization that is known for its competitive spirit and dedication to the game.

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