Credit: Igor Bezborodov and StarLadder

Renowned CS:GO expert set to hand out $1k bounty to team for eliminating EG

The South American Lucky Luke is here to claim their reward.

By beating Evil Geniuses this morning (CET), the Brazilians from TeamOne did not only qualify for the important Paris Major Americas RMR, they also won themselves an extra prize of one thousand dollars.

Why? you may ask…

That’s due to the analyst and expert Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović who had put a bounty on Evil Geniuses’ head – more precisely a reward to the team that eliminated EG from the RMR Closed Qualifier.

Something he tweeted on Saturday this weekend.

kassad has openly criticized and lashed out at Evil Geniuses and the organization on several occasions, especially on Twitter.

Here the former Renegades coach also has featured in a spicy beef with Evil Geniuses’ Senior Director of Gaming & Performance, Lindsey Migliore or also known as ‘GamerDoc’.

But as mentioned in the beginning, the RMR Closed Qualifier has ended and the winner of kassad’s Grand Slam has been found with TeamOne sweeping Evil Geniuses in the decisive Bo3 series.

And it did not take long after the victory before TeamOne’s star rifler Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa started asking kassad for the money.

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