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“Embarrassing”: launders slams EG following refrezh transfer

The CS:GO expert is out with heavy criticism towards the North American organization.

Yesterday evening, Evil Geniuses announced the much-anticipated transfer of the Danish rifler Ismail “refrezh” Ali.

The arrival of refrezh means that the North American talent Jadan “HexT” Postma has had to give up his roster spot as he’s expected to play for EG Black going forward.


One individual who is sceptic about Evil Geniuses’ recent roster move is the renowned expert and caster Mohan "launders" Govindasamy. He especially criticizes the organization for bringing in a European player instead using North American prospects

- refrezh can’t save EG and EG signing international talent when they have bought access to owning multiple entire NA rosters [is] embarrassing. This isn’t League of Legends, launders notes in a Tweet.

In two follow-up Tweets, the Canadian caster continues to make his point on why he believes bringing in the former Heroic rifler is not the right way to go.

- Blocking NA roster spots for above-average European talent is so fucking stupid - like why are you spending money on more than 5 players if you will just buy the ones, you need anyway.

- EG would have more fans with a full NA lineup and win just as much. They have offered so much support to NA and somehow become the region's bottleneck at the same time. Mind-blowing.

Coach vorborg explains

Daniel Vorborg, head coach at Evil Geniuses, responded to one of launders’ Tweets as he gave an explanation on why they decided to bring in refrezh stating that they “couldn’t get the skillset they needed anywhere else”

- Refrezh brings a skillset that we really need though. He's a strong voice and a leader. He brings initiative and direction, even in the toughest moments.

- And although I don't have final say, from all the data and information I have - we couldn't get that skillset, which is our biggest deficit imo, anywhere else.

You can read find all the tweets down below.

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