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Evil Geniuses tossed out from IEM Brazil qualifier by lower-tier team

Another tough blow for the North American squad as they fail to qualify for $250.000 LAN tournament in Brazil.

Evil Geniuses should be a dominant force in North American Counter-Strike.

With their history of great results, the resources and backing from their organization, and the current state of NA CS:GO in mind, Evil Geniuses SHOULD be a heavy-hitter in the region. But that’s not the case at all.

Last night Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte and the rest of the team experienced yet another setback, as they failed to qualify for the closed qualifier for IEM Brazil, which is the last step before the top-tier LAN event later this year.

In the open qualifier, EG came extremely close to elimination in the very first round against an unranked mix called “Demon Time” that caused the Geniuses massive problems in the best-of-one series.

However, EG couldn’t survive the scare from the 19-17 OT-thriller when they met ATK in the semifinal resulting in a devastating 16-14 loss and one less LAN tournament to conquest in 2023.

Daniel Vorborg, Evil Geniuses head coach, reacts to the loss and elimination here.

Evil Geniuses' last 15 matches:

14-16 vs ATK – IEM Brazil Open Qualifier

19-17 vs Demon Time - IEM Brazil Open Qualifier

0-2 vs Illuminar – CCT North Europe Series 3

0-2 vs Sprout – IEM Katowice Play-in

8-16 vs Fnatic - IEM Katowice Play-in

1-2 vs Complexity – BLAST Premier Spring Groups

1-2 vs Heroic – BLAST Premier Spring Groups

0-2 vs Vitality – BLAST Premier Spring Groups

2-1 vs Heroic – BLAST Premier Spring Groups

0-1 vs Nouns – ESEA Autumn Cash Cup North America

1-2 vs ATK – ESEA Autumn Cash Cup North America

0-2 vs Cloud9 – IEM Rio Major

17-19 vs 9z– IEM Rio Major

10-16 vs MOUZ – IEM Rio Major

16-9 vs IHC – IEM Rio Major

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