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“I played horribly”: autimatic after another tough event individually

The Evil Geniuses star is not pleased with his own performance after another early exit for the North American team.

The return and reoccurrence of Timothy “autimatic” Ta were one the few bright spots for Evil Geniuses in 2022. After an eight-month stint in Valorant, the North American came back and showcased himself as EG’s by far best player.

However this year, autimatic has started off the year rather struggling at both BLAST Premier Spring Groups and the ongoing IEM Katowice Play-in. Something, he also acknowledged when he spoke to ESL after their exit in Katowice saying he played “horribly”.

- I’m not sure [what’s wrong right now in EG]. I think even though we only made one change, I feel like we have switched a lot of roles. For me personally, I played horribly this event. I play a lot of new roles and I just need to get better at them, there’s no real excuse for that.

autimatic in 2023 - 0.87 Rating

Three maps, three losses

autimatic and Evil Geniuses ended up leaving the play-in stage at IEM Katowice without a single map win following their opening-round loss to Fnatic and yesterday’s 2-0 beating against Sprout.

- I also think that in the first game against Fnatic we really didn’t play our game at all. We just didn’t play up to our full potential.

- For this time around [against Sprout], even though we lost, I’m happy about our performance. I felt like we played more of our game than in the first game. Obviously, we wished that we would get a better result but I think we can learn a lot from this match, autimatic said.

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