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EG eliminated from IEM Katowice

Despite winning the first halves on both maps, EG lost to Sprout.

There were times in the matchup between Evil Geniuses and Sprout when the NA team looked destined to prevail and win the encounter. But Counter-Strike is a game played in two halves, and that seemed to be the doom of Evil Geniuses today against Sprout.

On Ancient EG took a 9-6 lead into the second half. But here Sprout showed why they had picked the map with a stellar defense that was just enough to secure themselves the first map.

Then Mirage came up. Here EG looked really solid in the first half winning nine rounds in a row from 1-5 to 10-5 on their T side. A lead that should have been more than enough to break Sprout and force the match into the decider map. But then Sprout turned up in style. Ismail 'refrezh' Ali got the upper hand with some good calls that left Evil Geniuses in the dark multiple times. The entire Sprout team ended the second half with a minimum of 1.20 rating each which just underlined the pure dominance that they enforced on EG.

Sprout won 16-13 and will now play Spirit tomorrow for a spot at the main event in Katowice. EG will leave another tournament emptyhanded.

Evil Geniuses - Sprout 0-2 | IEM Katowice Play-in

MVP: Laurențiu 'lauNX' Țârlea - 1.27 rating / 51-37 K-D / 85.6 ADR

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