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Are you looking to bet on CSGO? Then you have come to the right place! In this article, we’ll present you with all the necessary information before you start your adventures with CSGO betting. Right here you can read about CSGO’s variety of betting markets, basics of CSGO betting and much, much more. Stay tuned, because we’re going to reveal all the best CSGO betting tips to make sure that you’re completely dressed for the task. Enjoy!

What is CSGO?

CS:GO, better known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a 5v5 tactical shooter game made by Valve. It is also the esports title we love the most, with fans, organizations, tournament organizers, and professional players dedicating their souls and hearts into this amazing game. The competitive nature of Counter-Strike makes the game the perfect esports title for big events. If you have stumbled upon our page right here and don’t know a single thing about CSGO betting or CSGO betting sites, we will provide you with all the information you will ever need to become a CSGO betting master.


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What is CSGO betting?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the most popular esports titles for many years now. Tournament organizers and especially Valve are offering huge prize money at their respective tournaments and the biggest organizations in the world are all fielding rosters to compete. As with nearly any other competition in esports, CSGO betting sites are offering good odds and rewards if you can predict the right outcome of a CSGO match. In the world of CSGO betting there are also skin betting sites where you can wager your own CSGO skins to bet on CSGO matches.

What are the best CSGO betting sites?

Back in the good old days of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CSGO betting was only possible on one site known as CSGO Lounge. Nowadays it’s much, much easier to bet on any match in CSGO as many CSGO betting sites and CSGO gambling sites offers this service. It’s important that you chose a trusted CSGO betting site that is known by the CSGO community before your start betting in CSGO. When you test out different bookmakers you will automatically learn more about CSGO betting.

Difference between CSGO betting sites and CSGO gambling sites

Are you confused about what the difference between CSGO betting sites and CSGO gambling sites is? Then don’t worry, we have got you covered right here on Pley.gg. The difference between CSGO betting sites and CSGO gambling sites is actually pretty simple. On the so called CSGO betting sites you simply bet on CSGO matches – the outcome of games, the number of maps played, player kills, the number of eliminations, and much, much more. But on the CSGO gambling sites you wager money on popular online casino games such as Roulette, Coinflip, Jackpot, Arena, Crash, and more. On both CSGO betting sites and CSGO gambling sites you can make your bets with either real money or CSGO skins, but it mainly depends on the betting/gambling platform you’re using. Make sure to have all the knowledge that’s needed to understand the competitive CSGO landscape before you make any CSGO bet. Then you have the best chances to come out on top with your CSGO bets on CSGO betting sites and CSGO gambling sites.

Good and bad CSGO betting sites

You probably wonder what the difference is between a good and bad CSGO betting site. Good and trustworthy CSGO betting sites have fair and fun game modes like Crash, Roulette, Betting, Jackpot, Arena, and Case openings. The good CSGO betting sites also have low fees, host CSGO skin giveaways and have many withdrawal options on top of that. CSGO betting sites should always be available in English and offer skins with a fair price for withdraw. Most of the “bad” CSGO betting sites have high fees, only offers crypto withdraws, and have a very slow customer support compared to the good CSGO betting sites, which nearly always have a lightning-fast support.

How many CSGO betting sites are there right now?

The list of CSGO betting sites goes on and on. There is not a total number, but there is definitely over a hundred of CSGO betting sites. If we talk about how many good CSGO betting sites there are, then the answer is totally different. There are roughly speaking a dozen of good CSGO betting sites that will provide you with a good online CSGO betting experience. Some of CSGO skin sites are better than others and that’s the reason why we urge you to choose one that is listed on our website here or www.skins.gl.

Best way to develop game knowledge:
  • Play the game
  • Watch professional CSGO matches
  • Watch streamers play to cultivate your understanding
  • Become aware of the essential things in competitive play – for example armor, in-game economy, weapons, defuse or rescue kits and much, much more.

CSGO Betting – Best tips when betting on CSGO

First of all, it’s very important to get to know the game and the team when you want to start betting in CSGO. After you get to know the game and the teams that are going to compete in a specific tournament, it’s a good idea to start keeping tracks of the different maps as many teams perform better on certain maps. The form of a CSGO team is also very important as it can sometimes affect the possible outcome of a game. Feel free to research about previous results and the most played maps of a certain team. There are probably no other sports where statistics and knowledge affect betting as much as it does in CSGO and other esports games. As mentioned before, always remember to choose CSGO betting sites that has a gaming license, so you’re 100% sure that you don’t get scammed. In that way you can always stay safe when CSGO betting.

Only bet when there is value

Sometimes, you will probably notice that there isn’t much value in placing a single bet on a specific CSGO team, as the odds are just too high in their favor at times. Counter-Strike is a game where upsets happen very often and in almost every single event. You will need to bet huge amounts to get any significant profit from odds below 1.15 while risking a lot. Only bet on CSGO matches when there is actual value, or you can use special bets with higher odds if you have done your research right.

What are special bets?

There are many different types of special bets you can place on CSGO betting sites. Special bets are often high-risk bets which can make you a good profit.

Where to find the best odds for CSGO betting?

In order to find the best CSGO betting odds as possible, it’s important that you jump on the internet and compare the odds of different CSGO betting sites. It’s also a good idea to check out the CSGO live betting odds that are available on different CSGO betting sites.

Do I have to pax taxes for bet winnings when CSGO betting?

It all depends on the country that you’re currently living in, as each country in the world has its own tax laws for online CSGO betting and gambling. It is your own responsibility as an individual to learn more about your country’s tax laws, and if you need to pax taxes on bet winnings when CSGO betting.

Avoid tilting when betting on CSGO

As with all other types of casinos and bets, one of the main things to remember is that it is nearly impossible to win every single bet. Tilting is a slang team which originated in poker, where a player becomes angry, confused or frustrated after taking a few losses. When you tilt, you make bad decision, which you must never do and should avoid at any time when making CSGO bets. Even the most experienced and accurate CSGO betting experts can tilt after taking a few losses. This will often cause a losing streak due to emotional and unresearched bet decisions.

Always bet with confidence

Another thing to remember is that it is important to bet on CSGO with confidence. That must always be your aim when betting in CSGO. Whether you’re checking CSGO betting sites’ licenses and reviews or reading wagered terms, you only want to find CSGO betting sites that operates in your best interest and values your custom. When you do the groundwork and spend time with your research you will never go in blind so that you can bet with confidence.

You have to be 18+ to bet

Please be aware that you have to be +18 to gamble and bet, even on CSGO matches. Gambling and betting in CSGO can end up causing addiction, so please consider getting professional help if you suffer from gambling addiction. Play responsibly, bet with your head and not over it. Only play for what you can afford to lose – it should be fun and entertaining not harmful.

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