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Evil Geniuses discard its 15-man project

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The North American esports organization, Evil Geniuses, has announced that it is discarding its 15-man project for CS:GO. The move comes after the team’s performance has failed to meet expectations, and as a result, the organization is refocusing its efforts on its top ten players.

In a recent update posted on Twitter, Evil Geniuses stated that it has full confidence in valens, the Director of Athletics, Vorborg, the Head Coach, and the players to make the necessary changes to ensure that the team is moving in the right direction.

The organization has identified areas of improvement, with the team’s players primarily focusing on closing the communication and individual gap between practice and match environments. Evil Geniuses plans to participate in more tournaments this year to help bridge this gap.

In addition to its other changes, Evil Geniuses is combining its Evil Geniuses Black and White rosters. The organization has learned a lot about how it wants to support its academy program over the last ten months and will now be refocusing its efforts on the top ten players from its current 15-person roster. This move will esnsure that Evil Geniuses is still the only North American CS:GO organization fielding both a main and academy roster.

The decision to discard the 15-man project has garnered mixed reactions from fans in the CS community. However, Evil Geniuses remains committed to building a successful CS:GO program and developing North American talent for the future. Only time will tell how this change will impact the organization’s long-term performance.

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