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moses on Evil Geniuses: The next step is them leaving Counter-Strike

Should EG just abandon the ship?

I guess it’s fair to say that Evil Geniuses has been the talk of the town this week in Counter-Strike.  

With the team bumping out from the Major qualifiers even before the start of the RMR after yet another disappointing result, the North Americans could see themselves being heavily discussed in the CS:GO community.

In the podcast ‘Talking Counter’, Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, Janko “YNk” Paunovic and Jason “moses” O’Toole take up the matter talking about the management of Evil Geniuses - or more like the mismanagement which they seem to agree on.

During the episode, moses explains that he sees it as a real likelihood that Evil Geniuses will leave the CS:GO scene in the near future.

- You are saying that someone has to take accountability and responsibility, but I just feel like the next step is Evil Geniuses leaving Counter-Strike. I know they don’t need to but I think they will, moses stated and continued:

- At this point with how tarnished it is and how aggressive the community is towards them at the moment, I can see a world where they just bail out.

YNk, a fellow CS:GO expert and analyst, decided to chime in arguing that it’s not necessary to call it quit just yet.

- No, they don’t need to leave Counter-Strike. They just need to fire the f*cking people who are making these decisions, and then get someone who knows what they are doing.

 - (…) It sucks, and I hate when people lose their jobs but someone needs to lose a job at some point, YNk said in the podcast.

You can watch or listen to the entire podcast down below. The discussion concerning Evil Geniuses, their bad results, the management and the famous bounty begins at 53:47.

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