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Pley of the Day: That's genius! Brehze masks drop sound with flash grenade

Watch the EG rifler trick his opponent with an insanely smart move at the Americas RMR event.

In yesterday's matchup between Evil Geniuses and Party Astronauts, Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte showcased a smart and very useful trick when being posted on balcony near apartments on Inferno.

After getting a kill, Brehze quickly drops a flashbang jumping down from balcony right after, masking the sound of his drop with the flashbang sound.

Watch it right here in today's Pley of the Day!

Despite Evil Geniuses winning the important NA brawl against Party Astronauts yesterday, Brehze and the rest of the roster failed to secure a Major spot due to a 2-1 loss against 9z this Friday.

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