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EG’s struggles continue as they lose to paiN

Evil Geniuses haven’t won a match on European soil since July 2021.

The renowned North Americans from Evil Geniuses are currently in dire shape. Their newly established roster, led by Stewie2K, has since the very beginning struggled heavily to find a decent level, now having lost seven matches in a row.

Today, it was paiN’s turn to defeat Evil Geniuses when the two squads met in the opening round of the Major qualifier for North and South American teams. Here paiN managed to conquer Stewie2K and his troops in a one-sided Bo1 series on Vertigo, where EG never really was able to get things going.

The 16-12 loss means, EG now are 0-1 down in the Swiss Stage, while paiN on the other hand can see themselves in the better half alongside strong teams in FURIA and Imperial.

paiN – Evil Geniuses1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp RMR Americas

16-12 (Vertigo) | nython – 1.56 Rating / 28-15  K-D / 101.5 ADR

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