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Facts about Stewie2K

Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip (born January 7, 1998) is an American professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who serves as the team's in-game leader and entry fragger for Evil Geniuses. Despite only playing CS:GO since the summer of 2014, he is among the most recognized gamers in North America. On January 11, 2016, he joined Cloud9; despite the fact that the move was met with criticism from both professionals and the general public, Stewie2K quickly established himself as one of Cloud9's greatest players. He opted to move on after two years on the squad with a Major title under his belt to join Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's leadership at SK Gaming–MIBR. He returned to his North American origins and joined Team Liquid after months of ups and downs. He became the very first North American player to win both a Major and an IGS trophy when he won the second Intel Grand Slam in 2019.

Stewie2K’s backstory

Despite only having played CSGO since 2014, Stewie2K quickly rose to the very top of the sport. Coming from a home of stereotypical Asian parents, Stewie2K didn’t have a lot of support from his parents when he decided to try and make it pro in CSGO. His parents wanted him to go and get a job like a dentist, lawyer, doctor, etc. Cloud9 contacted him when we were only 17 years old, so he needed his parents’ permission to sign the professional contract with the CSGO team. He knew that his parents never would sign and give him permission to join the team, so he told Cloud9 to wait some weeks for his 18 years birthday so he could sign the contract without the permission of his parents.

The rise of Stewie2K

When Stewie2K’s deal with Cloud9 was made official it got met with a lot of criticism among the CSGO community. Stewie2K was a barely known young player so he really had to prove himself when he joined the team. It took some time for Stewie2K to get used to his new team, but when he finally settled in, his potential started to unfold. With his first S-tier CSGO tournament win in 2016 at the ESL Pro League Season 4, Stewie2K finally got to show everybody that it wasn’t a mistake to sign a contract with Cloud9. After the win, it took some time before the next big win for Stewie2K and Cloud9, but the win was worth the wait. At the 2018 ELEAGUE Boston Major, the Cloud9 roster got the show their quality and commitment with their win at one of the biggest tournaments. The roster took home the 500.000$ prize money and the glory of winning the big CSGO Major. After 2 years on Cloud9 with a Major win under his belt, Stewie2K decided to move to the Brazilian team, MIBR. MIBR had just won a major, so Stewie2K expected to join one of the best CSGO teams. That wasn’t the case. MIBR had a hard time adjusting to the Major win and the addition of Stewie2K and after some hard-fought months, Stewie2K decided to go back to his North American roots and join Team Liquid. Team Liquid was a dominating force in 2019 and won a lot of S- and A-Tier tournaments.

A fresh start for Stewie2K

After playing for Team Liquid for 3 years, Stewie2K felt like he needed a fresh start and joined Evil Geniuses. He now serves as their in-game leader and their entry fragger. It’s a fairly new team but they haven’t had a good start to the 2022 season with some bad results in the big tournaments. There is still a lot of room for adjustments and potential for improvements. Stewie2K is today 24 years old so he still has some good years left before he has to retire and do something else.

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