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Smooya reveals the wages of EG players Brehze and CeRq

That's a lot of money for the American/Bulgarian duo.

“Crazy sh*t”

That was Owen “Smooya” Butterfield’s words when talking about his CS:GO colleagues Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte and Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov and their wages on Evil Geniuses.

Because according to Smooya, the EG duo is being paid more than $30k a month each by their North American organization.

It was on the latest episode of HLTV Confirmed where smooya decided to spill the beans. You can watch the sequence in the video below.

There is no official information on the actual contract arrangement between Evil Geniuses and the two players, nor when the contracts were signed. Nonetheless, it's still quite compelling that a team is paying such a high amount of money for two players who've been playing way under their top level for such a long period.

The entire HLTV Confirmed episode featuring Smooya:

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