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Evil Geniuses out of RMR qualifier

Stewie2K and his teammates now only have one chance to qualify.

Last night the first of two qualifiers for the American RMR event took place. Most notable was the early exit from Evil Geniuses, who fell short against the winners of the LAN tournament Fragadelphia, Strife. EG lost 16-14 and are now under pressure to perform in the last qualifier for the RMR event, that kicks off tomorrow.

Later today 16 teams will fight for four spots in the RMR event. Team Liquid, GODSENT, Complexity, and paiN are still among the teams in the tournament.

You can see the schedule for the round of 16 here.

Team One - Carpe Diem

Team Liquid - Big Rigger Esport
Strife Esports - Limitless

Complexity - Team Omega
Third Impact - ATK

paiN Gaming - Bad News Bears
StrikeX - Mythic

All matches is set to start at 22.00 (CET).

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