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EG survive another day at RMR; Party Astronauts eliminated

An autimatic masterclass on Overpass paved the way for Evil Geniuses at the Americas RMR event.

Evil Geniuses keep their Major dreams alive as they take down their fellow countrymen from Party Astronauts this Thursday. The 2-0-win means, EG will continue to the 6-8th decider bracket alongside 9z and paiN, while Party Astronauts must head home without a PGL Major Antwerpen ticket.

The North American brawl began on Overpass, where Evil Geniuses quickly took control of things despite it being Party Astronauts’ map pick. Something they managed to do owing to an extremely well-playing Timothy “autimatic” Ta.

After a close battle on Mirage, where Party Astronauts succeeded to return the favour by stealing EG’s pick 16-14, the series was set to be concluded om the perfect third map decider of Inferno. Here Stewie2K and EG showed strong character after the tough loss on the previous map, establishing a solid CT side which gave them a favourable 13-2 lead going into the last half of play.

Evil Geniuses secured themselves the victory as Party Astronauts wasn’t able to come back from the huge deficit. Tomorrow, the three remaining teams in 9z, paiN and Evil Geniuses will determine which team is taking the last Major spot.

Evil Geniuses – Party Astronauts 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerpen RMR Americas

16-12 (Overpass) | autimatic – 1.75 Rating / 32-15 K-D / 115.0 ADR

14-16 (Mirage) | Ben1337 – 1.26 Rating / 24-20 K-D / 88.1 ADR

16-9 (Inferno) | Brehze – 1.50 Rating / 26-16 K-D / 107.7 ADR

MVP: Vincent ”Brehze” Cayonte – 1.26 Rating / 71-56 K-D / 96.4 ADR

Americas RMR | Major Qualifiers

1st | FURIA (Legend Stage)

2nd | MIBR (Challenger Stage)

3rd | Imperial (Challenger Stage)

4th | Complexity (Challenger Stage)

5th | Liquid (Challenger Stage)

6th | Evil Geniuses / 9z / paiN

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