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Another overtime drama as Liquid takes down EG

EG were not able to close it out when they had the chance

After two overtime thrillers, it was now time for the Lower Final, which had the two North American powerhouses Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid go up against each other. The winner of this match would have to fight FaZe who had looked strong this far, while the loser would be done for the day. Keeping in style with the theme of the day, it was once again Inferno that would have to be the proving ground for these teams, that were still hoping for a chance of getting a spot in the Group C Final. To start EG were tasked with planting the bomb, while Liquid had to be the defusers.

EG took the lead off the bat, but it was short-lived as Liquid quickly also found themselves on the scoreboard with a lead of 3-2. "Stewie2k" and his soldiers came right back and had soon managed to take more rounds on this T-side than they did in the entire game vs. Vitality. Luckily for Liquid, they managed to stop the streak of rounds by EG before it got out of hand by taking a couple of rounds for themselves. Nonetheless, it was the side of EG to come out on top in the first half after a three-round streak to end it at 10-5.
Coming into the second half Liquid would need a great start to not fall too far behind, and that is exactly what they got as they secured three rounds in a row, once again making it a close affair. EG got a round here and there, still keeping the lead, but Liquid were relevant every single round. "nitr0" and his crew were also able to take the lead at 14-13 after being behind for almost the entirety of the game. Still, it was EG that hit map point, but unfortunately for them, they weren't able to end it, which meant that overtime was once again required.
EG were almost able to sweep the first half of overtime, but were foiled by an incredibly sharp clutch by "EliGE". Liquid made the comeback on their CT-side of overtime, taking every round, and thereby winning the game 19-17, and making sure they live to fight another day.

Highlight of the BO1-series:

Evil Geniuses – Liquid (0-1) | BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022

17-19 (Inferno) |

oSee – 1.32 Rating / 30-19 K-D / 79.6 ADR

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