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EG Coach: Ideally we would be in Europe right now

It's frustrating times for the NA teams at this moment.

Evil Geniuses had to withdraw from BLAST Premier Fall Showdown due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Their coach "stanislaw" spoke with the Desk at BLAST before Day 3 of the tournament, where the North Americans were scheduled to participate.

- It's hard for North American teams to coordinate boot camps at the moment. Ideally, we would be in Europe practicing right now, but it was not possible, the coach of Evil Geniuses told.

He further elaborated on the issues with the lack of quality training opponents in NA, where Evil Genuises are forced to practice against their direct rivals from Team Liquid again and again with the danger of revealing new tactics.

- We still have to practice. It's choosing between practice like that or not practicing at all. I'd rather go on the server and practice against Liquid or not have any practice at all. It's a tough situation, the Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz said.

Evil Geniuses is expected to attend the IEM Global Challenge in December.

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