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EG AWP'er on Tier-1: I need to work a lot harder than before to get used to it

Jerric "wiz" Jiang talks about playing against the best AWPer´s in the world.

Evil Geniuses is currently playing in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups where the North American team managed to secure themselves a victory in their opening match against the World´s number one Heroic. A 2-1 victory in favor of wiz and co. kickstarted their 2023 season.

During the second game of the tournament, Evil Geniuses was up against Team Vitality. A match where the young American AWPer had to play against the second-best player in the world Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. Vitality took the victory 2-0 after they dominated the EG side.

Despite not playing his best CouterStrike, wiz is amazed at how good the top-tier AWPer´s are.

- They're a lot more disciplined, a lot more drilled, and better at punishing your mistakes. So for me, I think I need to work a lot harder than before to get used to it. Jerric "wiz" Jiang says to HLTV.

The 21-year-old AWPer is averaging 0.89 Rating / 0.79 Impact / 55.8 ADR / 0.57 KPR / 70.9% KAST during the first two games of the tournament.

Evil Geniuses will take on Heroic once again in the Group A consolidation Final. The losing team goes to Knockout Stage Round 1. Can Evil Geniuses recreate their success from their first meeting?

Find out tomorrow at 15:00 (CET).

Watch highlights from the first game between Evil Geniuses and Heroic:

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