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CeRq on neaLaN: He helps me a lot

We had a chat with the Bulgarian AWP'er of Evil Geniuses

Everyone loves an underdog. Sadly for Evil Geniuses, however, their journey at BLAST Premier Fall Groups was put to a stop by the Scandinavian Ninjas in Pyjamas just now.

Whilst Evil Geniuses were expected to be defeated by NiP, the American-based roster put up a great fight against the Scandinavians and put them through a test of all three maps in the Bo3-series.

Having had a tough last year and struggling with finding things, the Evil Geniuses camp must be somewhat content with how the roster managed to put up a fight against one of the best rosters in the current CS:GO scene.

A player that has tried to get back to his winning ways is "CeRq". The talented AWP'er from Bulgaria was once one of the most promising talents in CS:GO and has, since hitting a bump in the road, decided to switch his style of playing into a more aggressive one. If you ask the man himself, he will tell you that a big part of his recent performances comes down to his new teammate in "neaLaN":

"neaLaN gives me a lot of freedom, he helps me a lot. He helps me a lot with peaks, even today on Nuke he suggested some peaks and it worked out perfectly. He helps me a lot, everyone on the team helps me a lot."

To hear more from the just-eliminated "CeRq" about the recent loss, as well as the upcoming future for EG, you can watch the entire interview with him down below:

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