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ECSTATIC eliminate Complexity at Funspark ULTI

The Danish team survive another day at the $250.000 following strong match by FASHR.

The series began on the always-exciting Inferno, which once again delivered big time in today’s matchup. It was ECSTATIC who started in the lead, as they established a strong CT side where Complexity struggled heavily to find holes in ECSTATIC’s defence.

However, one 10-5 half was followed by another 10-5 half – this time it was Complexity’s turn to present a stellar CT side, sending the map to overtime. Here ECSTATIC showed great character by bringing home the map victory with a 22-20 score. 

The North Americans didn’t manage to turn things around on their own map pick of Nuke with especially Dion “FASHR” Derksen being a massive problem for Complexity. The ECSTATIC Dutchmen outplayed his opponents round after round, continuing his impressive individual levels from map 1 where he got no more than 44 kills.

In the end, FASHR’s heroics mixed with the great calling by Thomas “birdfromsky” Due-Frederiksen led ECSTATIC to the overall win through a 16-10 win on Nuke.

ECSTATIC – Complexity (2-0) | Funspark ULTI Finals

22-20 (Inferno) | FASHR – 1.53 Rating / 44-29 K-D / 106.9 ADR

16-10 (Nuke) | FASHR – 1.79 Rating / 30-14 K-D / 106.7 ADR

MVP: Dion ”FASR” Derksen – 1.63 Rating / 74-43 K-D / 106.8 ADR

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