Credit: V4 Future Sports Festival

Entropiq completes comeback and eliminates ECSTATIC

Entropiq takes the win and a chance to get to the Grand Final!

Entropiq had the first pick of maps, and with it, they chose Overpass where they would start on the T-side. It started out well for Entropiq who were able to take the first two rounds. The rest of the half was a convincing display from ECSTATIC who were able to take ten rounds in the first half, by way of multiple great retakes and amazing reads that forced Entropiq to save. And if they had none of those there was always "FASHR" who had a great CT-side performance and almost single-handedly won several rounds.
The second half turned things up and down. The CIS-squad was now on the more comfortable CT-side, and they took a dominating nine rounds in a row to start the half, two of which featured two huge quad-kills from "Krad". ECSTATIC were finally able to break the Entropiq's hot streak after removing star AWP'er "El1an" early on. The ECSTATIC side were not allowed more than that, and Entropiq took map one of Overpass at 16-11.

With their map pick, Ecstatic chose Vertigo, the same pick they made when the teams played against each other on day one of the tournament. Back then Entropiq took the win in double overtime, but that did not deter “birdfromsky” and his team.
Ecstatic started the out dominating on the T-side, taking a fast 6-0 lead. Entropiq were able to answer back taking four of the next five rounds, looking to at least go positive on their CT-side, but a well-coordinated Ecstatic team made sure that did not happen. The halftime score was 10-5 in favor of Ecstatic.
ECSTATIC continued their dominance on the CT-side, showing why they picked this map, even though they lost it the last time. Entropiq only managed to win one round in the second half, and the well-oiled Vertigo-machine of ECSTATIC took the victory at 16-6.

The map left over as the decider was Ancient, and after a knife-round win ECSTATIC chose to start on the CT-side.
The map started out very gritty with the teams trading close rounds back and forth. Entropiq carried by consistently great entries from “Lack1”, and ECSTATIC led by crazy plays from IGL “birdfromsky”. The Danish org. were able to break the economy of Entropiq halfway through the first half and strung together seven rounds in a row to take a 10-2 lead. Entropiq were able to take one more round but had to go to halftime with a disappointing 12-3 scoreline.
It looked like ECSTATIC would close it out fast as they went up 14-3, but that is when Entropiq woke up. Led by magnificent holds from “Lack1” and great reads from “NickelBack”, Entropiq were able to come all the way back and pull the game into overtime.
Entropiq were able to complete the comeback, and took the win in overtime at 19-17, thus eliminating ECSTATIC from Funspark ULTI 2021 Finals.

Ecstatic - Entropiq (1-2) | Funspark ULTI Finals

11-16 (Overpass) | Lack1 - 1.24 Rating / 17-16 K-D / 78.2 ADR

16-6 (Vertigo) | FASHR - 1.55 Rating / 21-15 K-D / 103.3 ADR

17-19 (Ancient) | Lack1 - 1.77 Rating / 42-26 K-D / 120.6 ADR

MVP: Viktor "Lack1" Boldyrev - 1.42 Rating / 74-59 K-D / 101.9 ADR

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