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birdfromsky leaves the ECSTATIC nest

The Danish IGL has now officially parted ways with ECSTATIC

Whilst they currently rank as #36 in the world, the European roster of ECSTATIC is probably not a name you have heard many times. Whilst it is by no means a new organization, they have struggled to cement themselves as a tier-one roster. Seeking to change that fact, ECSTATIC have announced a new change to their active CS:GO roster after having benched the team's AWP'er "WolfY".

The 28-year-old IGL in Thomas "birdfromsky" Due-Frederiksen has earned his stripes after many years in the professional CS:GO scene. Almost four years the Dane spent with ECSTATIC after making his name known at Lyngby Vikings.

Now entering free agency, "birdfromsky" will have to look elsewhere to find a new place to call home. Whilst he isn't the youngest of players, the brainy IGL managed to secure an all-time-high ranking of #16 in the world in the early stages of 2022 and could be a valuable asset for any team looking for a new IGL.

The current ECSTATIC line-up looks as follows:

Jakob "Daffu" Schildt

Marcus "maNkz" Kjeldsen

Dion "FASHR" Derksen

Adrian "XELLOW" Guță

Adam "WolfY" Andersson (benched)

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