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Heroic win Danish Derby at BLAST Showdown

A Semi-Final against Sangal is next for cadiaN and his men.

The second match of the day at BLAST Fall Showdown could not deliver another upset. Heroic won their opening match at the single elimination tournament 2-0 against their fellow Danes from ECSTATIC.

On Vertigo it was down to the small marginals going in the way of Heroic, which allowed them to win ECSTATIC's map pick 16-14. Heroic won the map without ever activating their star player Martin 'stavn' Lund, who ended at the bottom of the scoreboard.

The young player took his revenge on Inferno, whereas Heroic showed, that they are a much better team. stavn and cadiaN dominated the map, where three ECSTATIC players did not even reach 10 kills during the map. A strong finish for Heroic, who are now looking into a Semi-Final on Saturday against Sangal, while ECSTATIC is out of the tournament.

Heroic - ECSTATIC 2-0 | BLAST Fall Showdown

16-14 (Vertigo) | TeSeS – 1.37 Rating / 28–18 K-D / 91.5 ADR

16-11 (Inferno) | stavn – 1.63 Rating / 23–14 K-D / 113.1 ADR

MVP: Casper "cadiaN" Møller - 1.38 rating

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