Credit: ESL and Adela Sznajder

G2 destroys ECSTATIC with a 16-0 score line

G2 starts the Major qualifier with a win over the Danish ECSTATIC.

The European RMR Group A is rolling as the first matches of today’s games already have been concluded. Now, G2 is taking on the Danish side ECSTATIC who really hasn’t been playing much LAN CS recently.

The match was set to be played on Ancient, a 100% win map for G2. Seven rounds in and G2 show ECSTATIC how top-tier CS is being played as G2 destroys the Danish team leading the way seven to nothing. The first half ended with a 15-0 scoreline in favor of the G2 side. ECSTATIC did not get a round as they lost the pistol on the CT side. HooXi and Co. showcase that they also can control and win in matches where they are the clear favorites.

G2 - ECSTATIC 1-0 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group A)

16-0 (Ancient) | HooXi – 2.21 Rating / 23-11 K-D / 151.4 ADR

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