Danish squad secures IEM Rio RMR spot after only one practice together

ECSTATIC follows the footsteps of other underdog teams as they move one step closer to IEM Rio in November.

ECSTATIC has joined the attending pool at the European RMR tournament for the upcoming Rio Major after the Danish side managed to seal the last spot at the third open qualifier last night. The young roster ended up beating Audric “JACKZ” Jug and the rest of HEET in the decider match with a confident 2-0 victory.

They are the 26th team to qualify for the important Major qualifier, which is set to be held in Malta from the 4th-9 of October - an event their countrymen from Astralis haven’t managed to qualify for despite getting three chances. Something, ECSTATIC now have done after only one practice together with their newly-assembled roster

Here are all the qualified teams for IEM Rio RMR so far:

FaZe – Spirit – NIP – Cloud9 – MOUZ – NAVI – ENCE – BIG – Vitality – Heroic – Outsiders – OG – G2 – Fnatic – Eternal Fire – forZe – Falcons – K23 – Monte – Sangal – FANTASY – Sprout – B8 – Bad News Eagles – Aurora – ECSTATIC - 6 spots left

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