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Credit: ESL - Dylan Esguerra

ECSTATIC get past the Bad News Eagles in Pinnacle Cup IV!

The Eagles could not contend with "FASHR"!

Bad News Eagles and ECSTATIC took to the server for a chance to go to the semi-final at Pinnacle Cup IV. On paper, the Eagles were the favorites but ECSTATIC proved themselves in a big way.

ECSTATIC took the opening pistol round of the Eagles' pick of Dust2. The fun didn't last long though, as BNE only allowed them to take three more rounds throughout the entire game. It was almost not surprising that ECSTATIC only managed to take four rounds, seeing as "juanflatroo" and "sinnopsyy" were absolutely devastating them.

The second map of Vertigo was somehow even more one-sided than Dust2, but this time it was ECSTATIC who did the damage. "birdfromsky" started out very hot, and was soon accompanied by star player "FASHR" who played lights-out throughout the entire game. Noone from the Eagles really found their usual high individual level, which resulted in one measly round at the end of the map.

After that devastating loss on Vertigo, "juanflatroo" was once again ready to take the heads off of the ECSTATIC players. He led them to a 6-1 T side start, but suddenly they had their momentum broken by back-to-back aces, first from "XELLOW" and then from "FASHR". ECSTATIC pulled some rounds back before the break but were definitely not happy as they were down by one round at halftime.
After being down at the half, ECSTATIC pulled a rabbit out of the hat and started the second half with a six-round streak. They kept up the good play and by way of some great calls and "FASHR" doing what he does best, ECSTATIC took down the Eagles while only allowing them 4 CT rounds.

Bad News Eagles - ECSTATIC 1-2 | Pinnacle Cup IV

16-4 (Dust2) | juanflatroo - 1.90 Rating / 23-9 K-D / 121.3 ADR

1-16 (Vertigo) | FASHR - 2.11 Rating / 22-8 K-D / 139.6 ADR

12-16 (Ancient) | FASHR - 1.73 Rating / 33-18 K-D / 117.6 ADR

MVP: Dion "FASHR" Derksen - 1.54 Rating / 68-40 K-D / 104.9 ADR

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