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Pley of the Day: joel destroy ECSTATIC with brilliant ace

One Deagle in the hands of joel is enough to take down five players of ECSTATIC.

18-year-old GODSENT rifler took down all five players from ECSTATIC with just a Deagle. The young Swede stood tall against the full buy from the T-sided Danes. Joel 'joel' Holmlund secured his team the 12 round after an impressive round.

Watch the #POTD made by joel in the video below:

GODSENT took down ECSTATIC in dominant fashion with a 2-0 scoreline.

Joel 'joel' Holmlund stat line: 55-29 K-D/ +26 +/- / 119.0 ADR / 87.5% / 1.81 Rating.

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