ECSTATIC AWPer removed from active roster

The #24 ranked team is set to miss WolfY and his powerful AWP going forward.

Adam “WolfY” Andersson has decided to take a break from competitive Counter-Strike, placing him on the bench at ECSTATIC. The organization doesn’t confirm whether the Swedish-American AWPer will come back to the team in the future, however, they state that they will look for a replacement.

The Danish organization announced the news on Twitter this Sunday.

ECSTATIC has announced that the 21-year-old Adrian "XELLOW" Guță will stand-in for the team, while they are exploring the market for a new AWPer. XELLOW currently plays for the Romanian team NEXUS, which he has represented since 2016.

ECSTATIC | Active roster

Thomas Due “birdfromsky” Frederiksen 

Marcus “maNkz” Kjeldsen

Jakob “Daffu” Schildt

Dion “FASHR” Derksen

Adrian "XELLOW" Guță


Adam “WolfY” Andersson (Bench)

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