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Virtus.pro sign forgotten Russian star rifler

Nikolay "mir" Bityukov has joined the IEM Rio Major champions.

In a surprising move, Virtus.pro announced the signing of the former Spirit and Entropiq star, Nikolay "mir" Bityukov.

The Russian rifler is signed on a long-term contract and will be replacing David "⁠n0rb3r7⁠" Danielyan for the Grand Final of the FiReLEAGUE Battle 2023 against 9z in Argentina in the weekend. David "⁠n0rb3r7⁠" Danielyan is injured for the event, but it is unsure whether n0rb3r7 again will be removed from the roster.

Nikolay "mir" Bityukov will play his first competitive match in nine months after he left Entropiq in October 2022. The Russian rifler was a menace in 2020, and 2021 were he delivered some outstanding stats in his time playing for Spirit. But after the departure from Entropiq things have been very quiet around the now 27-year-old player.

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