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Jame lead to Roobet Cup title

The Russian AWP'er and in-game leader played a key part in the 2-1 win against Monte.

In the Grand Final of Roobet Cup 2023 ran away with the win and the $150,000 that followed.

It was a close affair all the way until the decider map, as both Monte and locked in their own map picks with 13-10 wins.

But on Mirage it was in control. The deadly duo of Nikolay 'mir' Bityukov and Dzhami "Jame" Ali picked Monte apart on the map that ended very one-sided. With a 13-4 win on Mirage, secured their fifth title of the year. The $150,000 in first prize is the biggest paycheck of the year for the Russian Organization that can rejoice in the fact, that it seems like Dzhami "Jame" Ali is one of the few AWP'ers currently in CS2 that performs at a somewhat consistent high level.

VP has the chance to put their hands on their 6th title of the year when they start their playoff run at Thunderpick World Championships today at 13.00 (CET) against Heroic.

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