Credit: withdraw from IEM Rio 2023

A must needed break for the Russians.

In light of this recent poor performance, has announced its decision to withdraw from the upcoming IEM Rio 2023. The team has cited their current shape and lack of preparation as the primary reasons for their withdrawal. has always been a top-performing team in the esports industry, and their decision to withdraw from IEM Rio 2023 is undoubtedly a significant blow to their fans and followers. However, the team has emphasized that they need to take the time to regroup, analyze their current performance, and come up with a strategy to improve.

The esports industry is highly competitive, and teams must continually strive to improve their performance and adapt to the changing landscape.'s decision to withdraw from IEM Rio 2023 is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their willingness to take the necessary steps to regain their form.

The team failed to qualify for the Paris Major, which came as a shock to many, especially considering their recent success in last year's IEM Rio Championships. Despite being ranked number eight on the HLTV world ranking list, the team has been struggling to find its footing in recent tournaments. Their lackluster performance at the IEM Katowice, where they lost to G2 in the quarter-finals, was an indication of their struggle to keep up with their competition.

Since their impressive performance at the tournament at the IEM Rio Major 2022, has been unable to replicate their success. Their recent defeats against B8, Into the Breach, and MOUZ have left fans wondering about the future of the team.

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