Credit: PGL sends GODSENT to quarter-finals after victory defeat GODSENT 2-0, joining G2 in the semi-finals already

It was a tight half of Mirage that saw the two teams go back-and-forth in the first half, but the Brazilians were able to create a significant advantage, 8-7. In the second half, GODSENT extended their lead to 9-14 before began their climbing back into the game. The Russians managed to get seven rounds in a row to complete the comeback and take the first map 16-14.


Onto the second map of Dust 2, picked by, it seemed like TACO and company were affected by their loss on Mirage. It started very well for the Brazilians as they ran up to a 4-0 lead, but from there on, kicked into another gear and took away the half, 10-5. A pistol-round victory could perhaps give them hope for a comeback, but immediately bounced back in the forcebuy followed by quick closing the series at 16-7, 2-0.

16-14 (Mirage) | FL1T – 1.46 Rating / 28-19 K-D / 109.7 ADR

16-7 (Dust 2) | YEKINDAR – 1.58 Rating / 20-12 K-D / 104.9 ADR

MVP: YEKINDAR - 1.43 Rating / 44-31 K-D / 93.8 ADR

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