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Credit: Jak Howard Blast

Perfecto deliver 1vs3 post-plant clutch against Virtus.pro

NaVi outplayed Virtus.pro when they played against each other yesterday by 2-0.

Ilya “perfecto” Zalutskiy was crowned the king of the match, after an absolutely brilliant performance by the Russian rifler.

The Russian beast delivered an outstanding performance, where he had an ADR on 102.3 throughout the two maps Dust2 and Inferno. He also ended up with a K/D on 23, which is very impressive in just two maps.

In the clip, Perfecto is left alone against Jame, SANJI and qikert with the bomb already planted, but with or without the bomb plant, this seemed to be an impossible mission for the Russian beast.

But the rifler managed to kill all three of his opponents and get the round win for his team, which on the night demolished a weak playing Virtus.pro.

Watch the clutch here:

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