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One step closer to disaster: Astralis loses yet another qualifier

Try to imagine a Major tournament without the four-time champions...

Open qualifiers for the Major can be ruthless for the top-tier teams – especially when it’s online and playing against lower and more unknown competition.

That’s something the superstars from Astralis have learned over the last week or two.

Yesterday the Danes missed their third chance to qualify for the important IEM Rio RMR, as they fell short to los kogutos in the open qualifier. The disappointing result means Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and company only have one shot left if they wish to attend the upcoming Major in Brazil in November this year.  

The lackluster showing cames as quite the surprise taking Astralis’ impressive BLAST Premier Fall Groups campaign in mind. Here they ended up topping their group in front of OG, Vitality and NIP after a strong performance from especially Asger "Farlig" Jensen.

One chance left

Astralis and Movistar Riders, a team that also is yet to book a ticket for the RMR, will play again on Friday where they will have to try to seal one of the last six vacant spots.

Here are all the qualified teams for IEM Rio RMR so far:

FaZe – Spirit – NIP – Cloud9 – MOUZ – NAVI – ENCE – BIG – Vitality – Heroic – Outsiders – OG – G2 – Fnatic – Eternal Fire – forZe – Falcons – K23 – Monte – Sangal – FANTASY – Sprout – B8 – Bad News Eagles – Aurora – 7 spots left

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