Vitality won opening match at ESL Pro League against Sprout |

Credit: Michael Konkol, BLAST

Vitality won opening match at ESL Pro League against Sprout

The Danish/French squad got off to an excellent start in Group B.

ESL Pro League Group B started with a matchup between Team Vitality and Sprout with the latter team as the big underdogs.

On Dust2, Vitality kicked off their tournament with an excellent T-side, where the Danish duo of Emil "Magisk" Reif and Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen stole the show with two inspiring performances. It was not until round 11 before Magisk died the first time in a superb half from Vitality, who took an 11-4 lead with them to the break. Vitality won Sprout's map pick in safe style.

While the Danes dominated on Dust2, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut woke up on Inferno. The French superstar turned the heat up on Sprout, who in turn was much more competitive than on their own map pick. Fritz 'slaxz-' Dietrich was the Sprout player to get things done for the Germans, who in the end forced the match to overtime. It was Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg who made it possible with a nice clutch, and in the overtime, he made it even better with a beautiful 1vs4 clutch.

Despite the effort from raalz and the rest of the Sprout team, it was Team Vitality who came out as winners with a 22-20 win. A solid start from the French/Danes who are now 1-0 up in the Group Stage at ESL Pro League.

Team Vitality – Sprout 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group A)

16-7 (Dust2) | Magisk – 1.74

Rating / 23-9 K-D / 94.1 ADR

22-20 (Inferno) | ZywOo – 1.46 Rating / 38-21 K-D / 87.6 ADR

MVP: Emil "Magisk" Reif – 1.46 Rating / 54-34 K-D / 88.1 ADR

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