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Peter ”Dupreeh” Rasmussen was born on the 26th of march 1993 in Allerød, Denmark. The Dane will always be remembered as a player of the 4x CS:GO Major winning Astralis team. He is one of the most consistent players to ever touch the game, and with calmness and experience he seek to win another Major with his new team, Vitality. In his time at Astralis he played a lot of different roles on their CSGO roster - He has played as an Entry Fragger, Lurker and AWPer. He has been a core member of the Astralis roster since the beginning together with Dev1ce and Xyp9x.

Dupreeh’s career

Dupreeh’s promising career started at 3DMAX, but he didn’t stay there for long as he transferred to Flux just 4 months after he joined. His stint at Flux didn’t last long as well, as the team split after just 6 days. His career really started accelerating when he joined the Danish organization, Copenhagen Wolves. That is also where he met his teammates Dev1ce and Xyp9x. The trio has the record for playing together for the longest time, as they have played together for 7 years and 239 days. Together at Copenhagen Wolves, Dupreeh and the rest of the team didn’t accomplish anything special. After about a year at Copenhagen Wolves the team transferred to über G33KZ, and later Team Dignitas.

At Team Dignitas, Dupreeh played together with Karrigan, Cajunb, Dev1ce and Xyp9x. The team sticked together for the whole period at Team Dignitas and got some decent results. They placed 3rd at the 2014 ESL One: Cologne Major, which was a very decent result for the team. The North American org. Team SoloMid picked up the roster from Team Dignitas as they saw huge potential in the team. At Team SoloMid they placed 1st at 6 S-tier tournaments and things really started clicking for the team. They established themselves as one of the top teams in the world, but the team still had some difficulties playing under the North American organization while being in Denmark. After 10 months of playing under the TSM banner, the team decided together with TSM that they shouldn’t be playing under their banner and became Team Questionmark as they were looking for a new organization.

After one month looking for a new organization as Team Questionmark, Astralis was formed. Dupreeh and his teammates were picked up by the newly formed Danish organization, Astralis. Little did people know that the newly formed team would become one of the greatest teams in the history of CSGO.

Finally home

After playing under 7 different organization banners, Dupreeh finally found a place where he felt like he could grow together with the organization and his teammates. Dupreehs time at Astralis started promising as the team placed 3rd at their first tournament together. The team continued their promising ways and had some decent results following. At their first Major as Astralis, the MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016, the team again fell short and lost in the semifinals. Dupreeh and Astralis were pushing to get that tournament win and it finally came at the Esports Championship Series Season 2 – Finals. It was their first S-tier tournament win as Astralis and it came after almost a year after the organization was formed.

Things really started accelerating for Dupreeh and Astralis after their victory at Esports Championship Series Season 2 – Finals as they just a month after played the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 and won their first Major together. Dupreeh played a huge part in the team’s victory and impressed the entire CS:GO community. But one Major wasn’t enough for the Danish stars, they were hungry and wanted more. Unfortunately, they fell short at the next Major, losing in the semifinal.

In 2018 everything clicked for Dupreeh and Astralis. They won 8 S-tier tournaments including a Major which took Dupreeh’s total Major wins to 2. 2018 was the best individual year for Dupreeh as he was ranked 5th on the yearly HLTV top 20 ranking, his best ranking ever.

Dupreeh and Astralis won the following 2 Majors and they were quickly considered the best team to ever play the game as they were, and still are, the only team to win 4 Major titles. Dupreeh played a huge part in the team’s success and he was one of the most consistent players out there.  

His time at Astralis came to an end in November 2021 when he transferred to the French team, Vitality, together with his teammate, Magisk, and coach, zonic.

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