Credit: PGL takes down Vitality in opening round

The Frenchmen came close to making a super comeback, but fell short in the end.

Team Vitality arrived at PGL Stockholm with a reasonable hope of making a deep run at the tournament. The third-place at IEM Fall Europe had sparked some confidence in the roster, where names like shox and ZywOo obviously infuse respect. But in their opening round of the Legends Stage at PGL Stockholm, the Frenchmen were one step behind throughout the match on Inferno.

With Jame and buster in top form, proved to be unstoppable. In the first half, it was a good CT-side, that gave the CIS team a 9-6 lead, but it was on their T-side, that they really popped off. Vitality won the pistol round, but could not convert the following round, which took maximum advantage of by winning the next six rounds to give them eight match points. But then Vitality suddenly found momentum. With their backs against the wall, the former number 1 team in the world made an incredible comeback to 14-15 before falling short in the last round, where finally sealed the deal.

For Team Vitality this was an early wake-up call, where the Frenchmen must be worried, that their Major debutant Jayson "Kyojin" Nguyen Van had such a difficult game only scoring a 0.73 rating during the match. Both teams will be back in action later today. – Team Vitality 1-0 | PGL Major Stockholm Legends Stage

16-14 (Inferno) qikert – 1.24 Rating / 20-16 K-D / 84.1 ADR

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