Credit: PGL criticize ESL decision and describes it as a sign of the "cancel-culture"

The CIS team has given its players permission to play ESL Pro League under a neutral name. and Gambit have been the target of multiple sanctions from the tournament Organizers in CS:GO this week. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian teams have been excluded from all BLAST tournaments in the "foreseeable future", while ESL announced the exclusion of Gambit and specifically due to their apparent ties with the Russian government.

Today commented on the decision in a post on Twitter, where they criticize the action taken from ESL.

- We can't tolerate this kind of behavior. There are no rational reasons to suspend us from playing in tournaments apart from prejudice and pressure from the outside, the Organization stated and called the sanctions a "prime example of the cancel culture". ended the statement greenlighting the participation of their players in the tournament under a neutral name.

The roster of is scheduled to play in Group B at ESL Pro League.

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