Team Liquid destroyed by coldzera’s 00NATION |

Credit: 00Nation

Team Liquid destroyed by coldzera’s 00NATION

The NA favorites are off to a rough start to the RMR event.

It has almost been a complete disaster for the North American teams at the qualification tournament in Bucharest for the upcoming major in Antwerpen.

With losses for Evil Geniuses, Party Astronauts, and Bad News Bears in the opening round, Team Liquid was expected to kickstart the RMR event for North America with a victory against 00NATION.

But quickly the bo1 match on Dust2 developed in a disastrous way for Team Liquid. Marcelo "coldzera" David and his 00NATION men played an impressive T-side to give themselves a 10-0 lead before Team Liquid was able to retaliate. The first half ended in a 13-2 bloodbath and was converted to a 16-8 shock win for the Brazilian roster.

Only Complexity prevailed in the first round for North America. Top 6 qualifies for the PGL Major in Antwerpen.

The second round of the group stage starts later tonight.

The standings after round 1 of the swiss group stage:

1. FURIA 1-0
2. 00Nation 1-0
3. Complexity 1-0
4. Isurus 1-0
5. 00NationCase 1-0
6. Imperial 1-0
7. paiN 1-0
8. MIBR 1-0
9. 9z 0-1
10. Evil Geniuses 0-1
11. Sao Caetano 0-1
12. Bad News Bears 0-1
13. TeamOne 0-1
14. Party Astronauts 0-1
15. Team Liquid 0-1
16. Leviatan 0-1

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