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coldzera on retirement: It will be a decision that I’ll be making soon as well

Marcelo “coldzera” David is yet another two-time CS:GO Major champion talking about retirement.

On Monday, 00Nation’s Marcelo “coldzera” David revealed on his Twitch stream that he soon might follow Fernando “fer” Alvarenga’s path of retiring from Counter-Strike. The two-time Major champion also pointed out what role he could end up taking on in the near future.

When asked by one of his fans what his thoughts are on fer retiring from the Counter-Strike scene, the 28-year-old Brazilian replied by saying it will be “a decision that I’ll be making soon as well”. He also stated that “it won’t take a long time”.

During his Livestream, coldzera was asked several times about what he will do after retiring. First, he rejected the possibility of him switching to VALORANT, and mentioned that the thing he’ll most likely continue with will be coaching after getting a good time off the game.

“When I retire, I won’t see Counter-Strike for a while in my life. Stay a year off for good, and relax. Maybe I will become a coach later on, I don’t know yet”.

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