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00Nation is out of IEM Rio!

The first team out of IEM Rio is Brazilian!

There will be no big Marcelo "coldzera" David comeback to the grand stage of Counter-Strike in Rio. The legendary Brazilian has been knocked out of the tournament alongside his team 00Nation.

Against the Asian team from IHC, 00Nation was unable to take advantage of a good start, where they won their own map pick of Ancient. On Inferno they were trailing from the get-go, but turned the map around an forced the match to overtime. But here the hometown heroes lost momentum and lost it all on the floor.

Overpass was set as the decider. A map that turned out to be an almost complete copy-paste of Inferno. Once again it was 00Nation chasing a big deficit. Down 5-14 it was up to Eduardo 'dumau' Wolkmer to deliver an ace at the most critical moment for 00Nation to spark another comeback on! 00Nation made it all the way to 14-14 before IHC finally broke through on the B-site to win a round. And naturally, we got another overtime to find the winner. And in exact same fashion as on Inferno, it was once again IHC Esports, who stood the distance and won their way into another day at IEM Rio, while 00Nation is out after going 0-3 at the event. 

00Nation – IHC Esports 1-2 | IEM Rio (Challengers Stage)

16-14 (Ancient) | dumau  – 1.35 Rating / 27-19 K-D / 102.3 ADR

16-19 (Inferno) | bLitz  – 1.53 Rating / 34-20 K-D / 109.5 ADR

16-19 (Overpass) | dumau – 1.37 Rating / 30-29 K-D / 98.4 ADR

Player of the match: Garidmagnai 'bLitz' Byambasuren

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