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Sprout secure Semi-finals at ESL Challenger

The Europeans were too much for the Brazilians to handle

With the Bo3-series between Rare Atom and MIBR having been already played today, seeing Rare Atom reach the Semi-finals of ESL Challenger 2022 in Valencia, Spain, there was only one brawl left for the day. To find our fourth team heading into the Semi-final stage of the event, 00NATION took on Sprout in a Bo3-series with a spot at the Semi-finals on the line. On paper, Sprout were the slight favorites going into the battle, however, with Brazilian rosters you never know what to expect. 00NATION never really came alive and a cohesive performance from the Europeans of Sprout meant that it was Sprout to take home the victory in just two maps. The victory against 00NATION sees Sprout earn a spot in the Semi-finals where they are set to lock horns with Movistar Riders tomorrow.

The first map of the Bo3-series took place on Dust 2 and was picked by the Europeans of Sprout. Whilst it is nowhere near the best performing map for Sprout it is one that they have played plenty of times in the past three months. In addition to that, Dust 2 is also a map that 00NATION have only played twice in the past three months and could therefore have been a punish-pick from the Europeans. No matter the reason for the choice, it proved a great one already at the beginning of Dust 2. Off to a great start was Sprout, who managed to secure a comfortable lead on their T-side. Controlling the pace of the first half it was Sprout to secure an 11-4 lead going into the second half of Dust 2. Once the two rosters had switched sides the story remained the same. With Sprout in the driving seat, it was the Europeans to close out the first map of the series at the comfortable scoreline of 16-8.

The second map of the series was chosen by 00NATION and saw the Bo3-series continue on Overpass. The Brazilians have proven themselves more than capable on Overpass as of late and were sitting on an impressive 89% win rate in the past three months (9 maps) before locking horns with Sprout today. Despite 00NATIONS' impressive form on Overpass it was Sprout to carry over the momentum from Dust 2 and secure a brilliant start to their CT-sided half. Before the Brazilians managed to win a single round it seemed as if it was already too late. At the impressive scoreline of 12-3, Sprout's efforts on their CT-side put them in pole position to take home the victory on Overpass once the two teams had switched sides. A spectacular comeback was needed for 00NATION to stand the slightest of chances against Sprout, and it never happened. At 16-4, it was the Europeans of Sprout to claim victory on Overpass, defeat 00NATION 2-0, and secure a spot in the Semi-finals of ESL Challenger 2022 in Valencia, Spain.

Sprout - 00NATION 2-0 | ESL Challenger Valencia

16-8 (Dust 2) | slaxz- - 1.38 Rating / 18-13 K-D / 83.1 ADR

16-4 (Overpass) | Spiidi - 1.84 Rating / 26-10 K-D / 127.2 ADR

MVP: Timo "Spiidi" Richter - 1.40 Rating / 46-29 K-D / 97.4 ADR

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