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Coldzera and 00NATION ready to fight for Major title on home soil

The Brazilian CS:GO legend played a key part in the victory against Complexity.

Brazil will have one of their all-time favorites to cheer on at the upcoming IEM Rio Major. With his team 00NATION, Marcelo "coldzera" David managed to take down Complexity in a very close match, that ended up going all 30 rounds on Ancient.

Before that, both teams had taken home their own map picks to set themselves up for an exciting finish. Complexity won the first half on Ancient 9-6, but could not follow through on their T side. Instead Marcelo "coldzera" David took over the server and made sure his team got the win in the end. In the second half alone coldzera went 18-8 in K-D!

Complexity has another chance to qualify tomorrow.

Complexity - 00NATION 1-2 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Americas)

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