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KSCERATO fuels FURIA to victory in Brazilian Derby

The Brazilian superstar was the key difference between the two teams.

In a fast-paced game of Counter-Strike, 00Nation and FURIA kicked off round 2 of IEM Rio Challengers Stage with a match on Mirage.

With both teams coming into the match with a loss in the luggage, the pressure was on from the loud audience, who did not want to see two of their favorite teams go head to head at this point of the tournament.

FURIA started on their T side and did excellently to power through the defense of 00Nation. Kaike “kscerato” Cerato was pivotal for FURIA with six multi-kill rounds in the first half alone. FURIA’s superstar dropped 32 kills during the match. FURIA won 16-6 to go into the 1-1 bracket tomorrow, while 00Nation could be out of IEM Rio tomorrow if they lose one more match.

FURIA – 00NATION 1-0 | IEM Rio RMR (Challenger Stage)

16-9 (Vertigo) | Kaike “kscerato” Cerato – 2.25 Rating / 32–10 K-D / 145.8 ADR


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