Grayhound sends 00NATION to last chance stage

Grayhound came out on top in a thriller series against the Brazilian team.

Grayhound stood tall against 00NATION in a four-hour match that took the viewers all the way to a close encounter on the last map Inferno. Despite falling short on their own map pick Mirage, Grayhound fought their way back on Ancient to bring us out on the deciding map. It was an intense battle between the two teams who fought their absolute best to stay out of the last chance stage.

00NATION had a great opportunity to close out the series on Ancient after a great 10-5 T side. However, Grayhound showed that they master the T side on the map as they dominated the Brazilian team 11-2 on the weaker side. on Inferno, things looked a bit thin for 00NATION who couldn't keep up the spirit toward the end. Grayhound secured the victory and will face NIP in the lower bracket semi-final tomorrow.

Grayhound - 00NATION 2-1 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Declan 'Vexite' Portelli - 1.31 rating / 73-59 K-D / 84.9 ADR

With the loss against Grayhound, 00NATION are now going to the last chance stage where they will be facing Rooster who earlier this day lost 2-0 to paiN.

Day two of EPL S17 Group C is done. Vitality and FaZe have already secured playoffs and will therefore face each other for a chance in the quarter-final.

Watch today's results and tomorrow's matches:

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