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Media: Coldzera and co. sign talented AWPer going into the 2023-season

One of the most promising players from the South American region has reportedly joined forces with 00Nation.

Despite some heavy rumours last week stating that Lucas "nqz" Soares was on his way to join the Brazilians from Fluxo, the 17-year-old AWPer now seems to have agreed on a deal with 00Nation and Marcelo “coldzera” David.

A fresh report by and Roque Marques explains that the deal surrounding nqz includes a swap deal, where Santino “try” Rigal is set to rejoin 9z after a lacklustre spell at 00Nation - Here try himself allegedly has expressed a desire to return to his old team, the article says.

The transfer is already set in stone why an official announcement should be expected this week.

When the transfer is confirmed, 00Nation and 9z will post the following lineups:

00Nation | Roster

Marcelo "coldzera" David

Bruno "latto" Rebelatto

Eduardo "dumau" Wolkmer

Epitácio "TACO" de Melo

Lucas "nqz" Soares

9z | Roster

David "dav1d" Maldonado

Franco "dgt" Garcia

Maximilian "max" Gonzalez

Nicolás "buda" Kramer

Santino "try" Rigal

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